Kon-chord / ˈkɒn kɔrd, ˈ / 1 harmony, balance 2 concord, amity 3 in tune

At the intersection of slow melodic techno and psychedelic rock is where Konchord takes the listener on a flight with soulful electronic music. Sometimes soft and tender, sometimes dark and deep, sometimes as bright as the sun, always with an inner compass for harmony and balance. With driving basslines, atmospheres as deep as space, synth melodies for the mind to fly high, and a hint of playful weirdness, Konchord’s music can evoke feelings of traveling in a neon-light disco-spaceship through far-distant galaxies to the deepest core of our being.

For live performances he plays with live synths, keys and vocals, while keeping the space for improvising on the fly.

(Photo: Ludovic Ismaël)